Bean Seeds - Bush - Contender - Heirloom

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1. Short Description

55 days. Annual. Contender bush beans mature faster than most others; they can be harvested as early as fifty days after planting seeds, making them excellent for environments with a late final frost date. They are a bush variety, so they don’t need support to grow upright. Plants produce harvests each year in the summer. The heirloom Contender Bush Bean starts producing a week ahead of most bean varieties. Each plant produces 6- 8” garden green bean seed pods. They tolerate mosaic virus, greasy pod and heat. Contender bush beans are reliable garden seeds and the green beans are very tasty. These beans cook up tender; they can and freeze with no loss of quality. They are excellent for short growing, cool seasons. This stringless variety is good for canning, freezing or eating raw directly from the garden and has a very distinctive flavor.

2. More details and Tips

Growing Contender Bush Bean Garden Seeds

  • Latin Name: Phaseolus vulgaris
  • Other Names: String Beans
  • Days to Maturity: 55
  • Germination Rate: 85%
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Planting Depth: 1”
  • Plant Spacing: 4”
  • Row Spacing: 18-24"
  • Growth Habit: mound/bush
  • Soil Preference: Loose soil, PH of 6-7, soil must be warm to germinate, grow in late spring
  • Temp Preference: warmer
  • Light Preference: full sun (required)
  • Pests/diseases: Aphids, spider mites, grasshoppers, slugs. Wet leaves can rot and disease can spread, so affected leaves need to be removed
  • Color: green
  • Flavor: juicy, crunchy

Growing Directions:

Seeds should be sown directly into moist soil in full sun, and watered often. They need good air circulation so that they don’t grow fungus. Because of this, they grow well in large sunny gardens. Keep at least 4 inches between plants and at least 18 inches between rows. Water them close to the soil to prevent disease. Remove diseased leaves if they appear so that they don’t take over the whole plant. These plants require full sun and well-drained soil to grow well. Harvest once the bush beans are smooth, firm and crisp. Keep bush beans constantly picked to ensure a fresh supply in your vegetable garden at all times. Resistant to BV, heat, and mildew. Approx. 90 seeds/oz.


This variety is one of the most speedy producers. Pods tend to grow about two inches longer than the average variety, so if you are looking for a slightly larger green bean, this is the variety for you!

Seeds Per Package:

  • 30 g packet - Approximately 100 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 400 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 1,400 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 7,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Approximately 35,000 Seeds

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