DIY (Do It Yourself)- Raised Bed

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We provide the parts and you put them together !

Why > Enjoy DIY

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This products is a ground raised bed, it includes 4 smoothed pieces of pine wood, at same thickness (~30mm). The combination makes multiple "Square-Foot Garden".

Select from the following sizes: 

1. 61CM X 61CM which makes 2x2 "Square-Foot Garden", that is 4 squares. This is recommended if more isolation among plants is required OR available spaces are scattered OR kids to be encouraged to have their own garden to care for. 


2. 122CM X 61CM which makes 4x2 "Square-Foot Garden", that is 8 squares. This is recommended if only one long side is accessible to take care of the raised bed. 


3. 122CM X 122CM which makes 4x4 "Square-Foot Garden", that is 16 squares. This is recommended if at least two opposite sides are accessible to take of the raised bed. 


Shipping might delay up to 2 weeks, most likely will be within 4 days.

* We made the wood pieces slightly taller, making sure that you get to manage by "Square-Foot Garden". For hassle free DIY experience 1x drill bit and 16x screws are included in the package.