Okra Seeds - Hill Country Red - Heirloom

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10 grams / packet

1. Short Description

65-70 days. Hill Country Red Okra Seeds - Non-GMO, Abelmoschus esculentus. This heirloom from the Hill Country of South Texas stands 6 feet tall and is a good producer of thick green pods tinted with red at their ends and stems. Pods are deeply ribbed and have a firm texture with light yellow seeds inside. They grow quickly in the heat, and are 6” long when fully mature, but are most tender when picked at 2-3” long. They gain their deep red tint as they mature. Pick them often to keep them coming. The Great old fashioned flavor of this drought tolerant beauty makes for great pickled okra!

 2. More Details and tips:

Growing Hill Country Red Okra Garden Seeds


  • Latin Name: Abelmoschus esculentus
  • Other Names:
  • Days to Maturity: 65-70 days
  • Planting Depth: ½” deep
  • Plant Spacing: 12”
  • Row Spacing: 3-6’ apart
  • Growth Habit:upright
  • Soil Preference: 70-90 degrees F, well drained, add compost
  • Temp Preference: warm
  • Light Preference: full sun
  • Pests/diseases: weeds can be invasive
  • Color: green pods tinted red
  • Flavor: rich and tender
  • Seeds Per Package:
    • 10 g - Approximately 175 Seeds
    • 1 oz - Approximately 500 Seeds
    • 4 oz - Approximately 2,000 Seeds
    • 1 lb - Approximately 8,000 Seeds

    These okra seeds should be soaked overnight to speed up their germination process. Sow seeds directly when the soil is warm, and after the final frost of the season. Rows should be placed 3-6’ apart, with seeds 4-6” apart. Seedling sprout after 1-2 weeks, and can be thinned to rows 12” apart to allow for full plant growth. When plants are around 6’ tall, they will produce pods that can grow up to 6” tall. Harvest these pods when they are 2-3”, as fully mature pods are tougher and less tender. They should be harvested every few days to promote growth of more pods.

    Additional Facts and Information

    These okra are tender, and grow productively. One downfall is that pods do sometimes contain small spines. Plants can have large white-yellow flowers that attract bees. After harvest, pods can be stored in refrigeration for up to one week, and store best when wrapped. To bring out the flavor of the okra, it is best to grill them. They can also be eaten raw or pickled when harvested small. They are excellent roasted, fried, or chopped and added to cooked dishes as well.


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