Tomato Seeds - ACE 55 VF

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1. Short Description

Vigorous, medium-large, vine produces bright red, low-acid, thick-walled tomatoes. Not ideal for canning as acid content is too low for hot water bath. V, F1, A

 2. More Details and tips:

Interplant with aromatic herbs, spinach, and lettuce. Can be planted with onions, parsley, asparagus, and carrots. Harden off before transplanting. When transplanting, plant all the way up to the first set of leaves. Tomatoes will grow adventitious roots from the stem

Pick when ripe, with a little give on the outside. May have to determine by touch instead of color depending on the variety. When the first frost is about to come, pick all green fruits and they will ripen slowly indoors. Can be saved for later use by drying, or canning whole, sliced, diced, pureed, or juiced

Self-pollinated. Collect seed and pulp and place in a jar with some water to cover. Let ferment for 2-4 days. Stir each day and pour off the pulp and any seeds floating on top. Keep the viable seeds that are at the bottom of the jar, and dry them out for several days before storing.

Source : Trueleafmarket