Tray Insert - 72 CELL - 12X6 Nested

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Made from BPA free polystyrene, each sheet of these seed starter greenhouse tray inserts has 72 planting pots configured in twelve groups of 6 connected pots (2x3 configuration). Each 6 pot section has perforations for easy detachment. Each individual cell has drain holes.

Tray Insert - 72 Cell - 12x6 Nested for Seed Starting

Each individual cell measures approximately 2.25 inches in depth and approximately 1.375 inches square at the rim. Each group of 6 planting cells measures approximately 5.25 Inches by 3.5 inches at the rim. A full sheet of 72 cells measures about 10.5 inches wide and 21 inches long. Because the cells taper it nests perfectly in a standard 20x10 inch drip tray for watering and drainage. Each individual cell has a max volume capacity of about 3.5 cubic inches, or about four tablespoons.

  • 72 Cells Per Sheet - Configuration: 12 Sections of 6 planting cells per section (2x3 config) - With Drain Holes
  • BPA Free Polystyrene - Easy tear perforations
  • Each Indivicual Cell Measures Approx. 2.25 Inches Deep and 1.375 Inches Square at the Rim - Tapers to the Base
  • Each Full Sheet Measures 10.5 Inches by 21 Inches at the Rim - Designed to Nest in Standard 20x10 Inch Drip Trays
  • Designed for a Single Use - Seed Starter Tray Inserts

Source : Trueleafmarket